A Day of Giving
A Day of Giving

A Day of Giving promotes community involvement by providing individuals with the
opportunity to unite for one day to donate their products, services and time to
facilitate fundraising events that support non-profit organizations. Funds raised
through these communal efforts benefit organizations that empower, educate and
assist women and children. We know that no one person will solve all the worlds’
problems, but by joining together we can create a force that helps those who are
struggling or who have lost hope.
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A Day of Giving seeks to unite the community and bring hope to those in need by planning and organizing fundraising events to assist in sustaining local nonprofit volunteer organizations that help women and children exit crisis situations.

The intentions of A Day of Giving events are always the same:

  • Create a Win-Win-Win fundraising event that encourages community involvement

  • Reward sponsor participation

  • Support non-profit organizations in their effort to help women and children exit crisis situations

  • Promote the idea that IT IS THROUGH GIVING THAT WE RECEIVE.

In order to be eligible to receive funds from A Day of Giving these criteria must be met:

  • Organization must offer volunteer oportunities.

  • Organization must be NON-PROFIT.

  • Organization must help WOMEN and/or CHILDREN.

  • Organization CANNOT accept ANY government funding (Why?).

  • Every dollar raised MUST go directly to aid services or supplies helping individuals within the LOCAL community.